About Us


LPE – PCB Service Ltd. has been playing a meaningful role in the Central and Western European PCB market for almost two decades. The services offered by our company include the design, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards. Our present and future partners all benefit from LPE – PCB Service’s technologically advanced solutions and well developed business culture.


We are more than a supplier, because our skilled staff emphasizes service quality and customer satisfaction. Our permanent presence in the market is the result of continuously keeping pace with technological advancements and our extensive knowledge in electronic manufacturing. We provide all the services from planning to assembly and ensure that all the processes meet our customers’ high level technological requirements by selecting the most suitable from our certified contract manufacturers.


Share your ideas with us and let LPE – PCB Service Ltd. take care of the rest for you. Our aim is to provide you PCBs that exceed even your own expectations and our team including our contract manufacturers has commited themselves to reach this by continuous technical and technological development.

We use CAD/CAM tools to verify plans and designs in order to produce your PCBs according completely to your ideas. Our up-to-date Direct Metallization Technology is capable of decreasing the tracks and gaps to 100-125 microns and makes the metallization of through holes with 0,2mm diameter possible. Blind, buried and microvias are nowadays already a general requirement and the demand keeps increasing.


The most required surface finishing process has been Hot Air Leveling for a long time, but we offer all kinds of other popular surface protection solutions, like Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver and Immersion Gold. The high technological level of our products reflects LPE – PCB Service’s strict quality policy, since all the base materials and chemicals used for the production are in possession of the necessary quality certifications. The manufacturers of our products all have ISO 9002, QS 9000, UL and ISO 14000 qualifications, just as LP Elektronik Ltd. is an ISO certified company itself.